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Mr. Sack's Class

Language & Literature

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Remote Learning Quick Facts! 

Where will work be completed? 

  • Mr. Sack's Schoology page will be where all classwork will be stored.

​How will attendance be taken? 

  • Attendance will be taken within the first 20 min of each class period. 

Grading policy? 

  • Formative - practice work that is used to show progress on a given standard (used as an aid in determining trend). 
  • Summative - cumulative work to show expertise with a given standard (holds the most weight in final trend).
  • We will use the IB 1-8 rubrics to score all summative and most formative work. 
  • T (turned-in), M (missing), and I (incomplete) will sometimes be used on formative assignments to show progress. 


How do I log-in to Schoology?

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