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Science Assessment

Assessment:  Students will be assessed throughout the year.  There are assessments that are mandated by the school district (referred to a district common assessments or DCA’s; the government (CMAS), and the MYP (there are no external assessments in the MYP – all assessment is internal and is done using the MYP assessment criteria as explained in rubrics below).  In an effort to reduce the amount of time students are being assessed, several of these will be combined. There are many other types of assessments that will be used for data gathering and planning of lessons.  

Rubrics:  Students will be given rubrics prior to the start of an assessment, so that they are familiar with what is expected, what objectives and standards they are expected to meet, and how they can achieve advanced status.     These criteria are incorporated into the rubrics for various assignments/assessmentas and correspond to the interim objectives listed on page 1 of this syllabus.