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Individuals & Societies

Exploring Our World

Course Overview:

Seventh grade Geography students should be able to:

  • Seek out and evaluate multiple historical sources (both primary and secondary) with different points of view to investigate a historical question and to formulate and defend a thesis with evidence.
  • Analyze the historical eras, individuals, groups, ideas and themes within regions of the Eastern Hemisphere and compare and contrast their relationships with one another.
  • Use and manipulate geographic tools to gather data and make geographic inferences and predictions. With that should come the understanding that regions have different issues and perspectives.
  • Distinguish elements of continuity and change in the United States government and how the role of its citizens over time has changed and evolved.
  • Understand the place and uses of law within a constitutional system.
  • Understand how supply and demand influence price and profit in a market economy and begin their understanding of managing personal credit and debt.
  • Additionally, MYP students should master the key Individuals and Societies concepts of Change; Time, Place, & Space; Global Interactions; and Systems.
  • While in the course of the study of Geography, MYP students are expected to strive to be Open-Minded, Balanced, Knowledgeable, Communicators, Reflective, Principled, Risk-Takers, Inquirers, Thinkers, and Caring. These 10 traits make up the MYP Learner Profile.


Grades are posted in Infinite Campus.  There are two catagories which are Summative (formal assessment) and Formative (practice work and progress check).  The Summative scores are the only grade calculated in the overall trend grade.  

  • Communication between parent/guardians and teachers is a vital component in your student’s education. Please check your student’s agenda each day to find a list of         topics and assignments from each class. You may occasionally receive comments from us in the agenda, and you are welcome to use this as a communication tool as         well. In addition, be sure to visit our website ( to track daily homework and long-term project assignments.
  • To track your student’s academic achievement, you may access the parent portal through our website ( If you have not already done so,               contact the registrar to set up your family’s login information at 720-972-5242.
  • The best way to reach me is by email. Teachers are not available to take telephone calls during the day, but feel free to leave voice mail messages. You can expect a             response to voicemail or email within 24 hours.
  • Please schedule an appointment if you would like to meet with a teacher or core team. Making arrangements ahead of time will ensure that we are able to devote our             time and full attention to you.

    **I am available for extra help by appointment.  Please make schedule 24 hours in advance to ensure that I have an open schedule and know you are                            coming.  Other available times will be announced each week during my planning times.  Planning times are 3rd and 4th hour, please email requests and I will see which ones will work out.  Wednesday is also open for appointments.  

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