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Ms. Swain's Class


Mathematics in its pure state is the poetry of logic

"Do not worry about your difficulities in Mathematics. I can assure you mine are still greater." ~ Albert Einstein



(Ms. Swain steps up to the mic, taps) WELCOME!!!! There is not a doubt in my mind that we are going to have a great year. Why you ask, because together you and I (yep you) are going to work hard, push each other, check-in with each other to make sure that we are hanging in there, and we are going to conquer the world! To big? Okay maybe we can just conquer 7th grade math! While I know that we would rather be back in the classroom, that is just not in the cards - yet; so together we will navigate virtual learning, and we will have PATIENCE and GRACE with classmates and each other. If you want to take a look around, below you will find important information, resources, and your class syllabus. Until then, I look forward to meeting you! 

My Wednesday office hours will be held using the banner link in schoology from 9:45am - 10:45am

If you are unable to "attend" offiec hours, you can email me any time and I will within 24 hours, unless I am out of class.

See the below link Titled "Ms. Swain's Virtual Classroom" for important information!


Our  curriculm is called Big Ideas. This year we will be connecting to mathematics with a study in each of the following areas:  Integers, Rational Numbers, Expressions and Equations, Inequalities, Ratios and Proportions, Percents, Constructions and Scale Drawings, Circles and Area, Surface Area and Volume, as well as Probability and Statistics. 

Students will have access to the textbook and journal online! There are extra tutorials and examples for each lesson! 

****To access the Dynamic Textbook:

  1. Students should log into their Adams12 Google Account
  2. Once logged into AD12 google, go to
  3. Click "Log in with Clever"
  4. Students' Username is their district student ID number
  5. Students' Password is their district password
  6. The first time you log into Clever, it will ask your permission to access your Google Account.  Click on Allow.
  7. Click the "Big Ideas Learning" Logo

Here is more information on the main book that we will be using this year: Big Ideas

Here's a link for free graph paper

Improve your MAPS Scores before moving onto 8th grade - visit the two websites below for help.

Looking for a generic two-column NOTES sheet, print one from the link below.

Document(s)SizeUpload Date
File Blank Note Sheet.docx32.22 KB07/31/2018
PDF icon Swain Math7 HONORS Syllabus 2020-21 .pdf429.83 KB08/25/2020
PDF icon Swain Math7 Syllabus 2020-21 .pdf429.69 KB08/25/2020
PDF icon Swain's Virtual Classroom.pdf4.94 MB09/03/2020

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