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Mathematics IBMYP Grading Rubrics

Below you will find links to the four grading rubrics for this class.

What Does the Color/Number really Mean?

Level of Achievement                           Descriptor

                0                                  Red is an area of of real concern. Students who score a zero did not meet any level of the standard.

              1-2                                 Red is an area of of real concern and students who do not reach a level beyond this are in danger of not passing the class.

                3                                  While the 3-4 category shares the same color and descriptions, a 3 indicates an area of concern because the student is close to dropping the 1-2 level. 

                4                                  A 4 however, indicates that the students is just barely meeting the standard. Students here at mid-year are considered to be 'on-track'.

              5-6                                Students at this level are meeting the standard.

              7-8                                This level indicates a student exceeding the standard. ALL students have an opportunity to achieve this level.

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