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Mr. Justis' Class

Language & Literature

“If you cannot write well, you cannot think well; if you cannot think well, others will do your thinking for you.”

― Oscar Wilde.  

Welcome to 8th grade Language and Literature.  Throughout the year we will be focusing on improving our writing skills in both form (conventions and orginization) and content.  This year we will specifically focus on analysis of structure and language for meaning while choosing the best textual evidence to support a claim.  We will be focusing more on non-fiction texts and building vocabulary skills, but we will use some shorter fictional texts and poems for support.  This is an integrated class, so you can expect regular use of technology in lessons and resources.  Please let me know if you have limited access to technology at home, so we can plan accordingly.  We will also have regular discussions and Socratic Seminars; participation in discussions will be expected.       

Regular reading is an expectation, whether a little each night or in larger chunks every other night.  For this purpose, students will need to have an independant reading novel for home and seminar readings.  To help support this habit, we will have regular book talks in class and visit the library about once per month, on average.        

Required Materials:

1- Notebook/ Journal

2- Looseleaf Paper

3- Writing utensils (Pencils & Pens)  Colored pencils/ markers are not required but recommended.

4- A folder/ binder for Language&Literature (It is recommended you have a designated folder for each class/ subject)

5- An independant reading novel.  Bring each day.   


They just revolve around these 5 simple 5-word norms:

1- Disagree, but do so respectfully
2- Only do what principals allow
3- Technology should be used appropriately
4- Prompted questions should be relevant
5- Wait your turn to speak

Grade Book:

The Gradebook has two different categories for all graded assessments.

Practice (Formative):  These are assessments for learning.  Scores are merely a reflection of how well students understand the concept.  Grades for formative assessments do not factor into the trending data for the gradebook.  In the gradebook, this category will show up under Practice

Summative:  These are assessments of learning.  Scores are meant to rate students on how well they understand the matetial after it has been taught.  These scores do factor into the trending data in the gradebook.  Note:  Summative assessments at the very beginning of the year are intended to rate knowledge retained from previous school years and accurately reflect growth over a long period of time.  In the gradebook, this category will show up under Assessment

For more details, see the following link:

Please refer to the 8th grade Language and Literature Website for resources and details on assignments thoughout the year.  Along with unit plans and calenders, you will find a resource page, which includes suggestions for good novels, links for online MAPS games, and general grammar rules we will be working on throughout the year.

Please contact me with any questions.

Thank you, and I look forward to a great year with you all!

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