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Summary Statement: A study of cells and the processes by which energy is acquired and utilized by organisms.

Characteristics of Life: All living things...

  • ...are made of cells/ contain DNA, need water, use energy, reproduce, grow, require a specific habitat, use gas exchange, eliminate waste, respond to the environment, and will eventually die. 

Important Vocabulary/ Concepts:

  • Cell, Cell theory, abiotic, biotic, unicellular (single-cell), multicellular, organelle, photosynthesis, product, cellular respiration, glucose (C6H12O6), carbon dioxide (CO2), water (H2O), energy, light energy, energy transformation, chemical reaction, matter, organism (plant vs. animal), carbohydrate, protein, fat, reactant, osmosis, diffusion, mitosis (somatic/ body cells)

Cell Organelles:

  • Nucleus, chloroplast, mitochondria, cell membrane, cell wall, vacuole, endoplasmic reticulum, lysosomes, ribosomes, cytoplasm, Golgi bodies
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