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Mrs. Namazi's Class


In this class we are scientists! We investigate the world around us using research, observation, and experimentation. Throughout each unit we work both independently & collaboratively. We ask questions, find the human impact, discover the minutest workings of the universe,  and many other activities and learning experiences. As we do these things, we exercise our scientific minds. Every experience in this classroom leads us to explore the relationships between science and morality, ethics, culture, economics, politics, and the environment. We are 21st century learners, developing our 21st century skills, & becoming the leaders of the future.

At the end of 8th grade, students will be able to: 

  • Seek out and evaluate multiple scientific sources (both primary and secondary) to investigate how human activities alter the environment both deliberately and inadvertently. 
  •  Gather, analyze, model, and interpret data to describe the different forms of energy and energy transfer. 
  • Utilize a scale model to demonstrate the relationships, characteristics, and motion of objects in our solar system.
  • Communicate scientific thinking by citing textual evidence, interpreting quantitative and qualitative data, and writing informational explanations and arguments based on their findings.

In accordance with the Adams 12 Five Star Schools Curriculum Framework, the following will be covered: 

  •  Energy transformations and conservation
  • Force and Motion
  • Our Place in Space
  • Weather and Climate
  • Properties of Matter