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Student Support Services Classrooms

Ms. Cohn's Class

Subject: Language & Literature, Math
Welcome! I teach co-teach English/Language Arts and Math, and also provide inclusion support in English/Language Arts and Math, which includes providing support to students in a variety of classes, primarily in reading, written language, and...

Mrs. Reynolds' Class

Subject: General Education
Learning Specialist 1st period - 7th grade ELA (co-taught with Ms. Aylor - Atomic Core) 2nd period - 6th grade math (co-taught with Mr. Biller - Socrates Core) 5th period - 7th grade ELA (co-taught with Mr. Sack - Colorado Core) 6th...

Ms. Shockey's Class

Subject: General Education
Class Schedule for 2020-2021: Period 1: Basic Adult Living Period 2: Plan Period 3: Math Skills Period 4: Reading 7 Period 5: Reading 6 Period 6: Plan  Contact Information: email: office...