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Grading information

Parents and students,

Below you will find an explanation of the two categories of scores you will see in the IC (Infinite Campus) grade book.

Formative scores (Practice)

MYP assessment encourages teachers to monitor students’ developing understanding and abilities throughout the programme. Through effective formative assessment, teachers gather, analyze, interpret and use a variety of evidence to improve student learning and to help students to achieve their potential.  Formative assessments are seen as practice and the scores may be anything from a percent to the number correct out of the number possible to a simple check for a practice that has been turned in. You may also see the following:

T = Turned in

M = Missing

(blank) = has not been entered in the grade book

/ = Zero

These scores are used to give students and parents timely feedback about the student’s progress in that unit of study. It is very important for both students and parents to understand that formative assessments do not directly impact a student’s final grade.

Summative scores (Assessment)

Internal (school-based) summative assessment is part of every MYP unit. Summative assessments are designed to provide evidence for evaluating student achievement using required MYP subject-group-specific assessment criteria.  Each summative assessment is scored based on an MYP 8 point rubric.

In addition to seeing scores from 1 to 8, you may also see the following:

M = Missing

(blank) = has not been entered in the grade book

/ = Zero

It is the “/” that we would like to address. Infinite Campus uses a “/” to indicate a zero. When a student has had multiple opportunities to complete an assessment, but does not complete it within a reasonable amount of time (according to established make-up policy, page 11 in the student agenda), that student will receive a “/”, which will calculate as a zero. It is these summative scores that are utilized by teachers to give students their Final Mark at the end of a grading period.


Teachers may use this field to provide additional information. To access this information, click on the assignment title, blue hyperlink.