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IBMYP Programme Policies

These policies are shared with Thornton High School

The IBMYP is a 5 year programme. Students wishing to complete years 4 and 5 (grades 9 and 10) will attend Thornton High School. Therefore, cooridnators, adminstrators, and teachers from both schools revised the published policies. These are reviewed every school year and formally revised every 5 years.
Document(s)SizeUpload Date
PDF icon CEM -THS Academic Honesty Policy.pdf205.36 KB07/31/2018
PDF icon CMS - THS Assessment Policy.pdf235.1 KB07/31/2018
PDF icon CMS-THS IB Language Policy .pdf187.98 KB07/31/2018
PDF icon CMS-THS MYP Special Education Policy.pdf240.02 KB07/31/2018