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We have six major units of study in sixth grade language and literature:

  1. Authors as Mentors
  2. Becoming Critical Consumers
  3. The Power of Argument
  4. Analyzing Author’s Craft
  5. Examining Different Approaches
  6. Inquiry Into Arguments: Integrating Media

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    Latest News

    Galileo Balanced and Reflective

    Posted: 12/21/2018
    The Galileo Core Recognized both Balanced and Reflective students on Thursday Dec. 20, 2018. Balanced: Alaynah M., Mariyah J., Zeke B., and Kooper S. Reflective: Jada F., Ethan L., Abbie G., and Clara D. Congrats!

    Galileo Thinkers/Open-Minded 9/28/18

    Posted: 09/28/2018
    This afternoon the Galileo Core honored the following students: Thinkers - Open Minded MYP Learner Profiles September 2018 Thomas R./Elija P. Luis M. / Jada F. Jean J./ Renata B. Payton L./Ethan L... Read More