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We have six major units of study in sixth grade language and literature:

  1. Authors as Mentors
  2. Becoming Critical Consumers
  3. The Power of Argument
  4. Analyzing Author’s Craft
  5. Examining Different Approaches
  6. Inquiry Into Arguments: Integrating Media

You can view the 2019-2020 class syllabus for detailed descriptions of our units, homework and late work policies, class expectations, and other important information.

What We're Doing

We are currently analyzing persuasive texts. What was the author's purpose in writing this text? What claims, reasons, and evidence made up their claims? Is their argument strong or weak overall? And how does this paragraph add to it? The summative for these reading skills will be on Friday, December 6.

Summative Assessment Prompt:

After reading a persuasive text, construct a response that determines an author’s purpose, evaluates their argument and how the overall structure of a text contributes to the development of the ideas. 

Unit 2 Reading Summative Update

Unit 2 reading summatives are grading; scores for critera A, B, and D are now available in Infinite Campus. Any students wishing to bring up their score should complete their retakes by Friday, December 6 (or have made other arrangements with me if that is not possible).

Google Classroom

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