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Mr. Volk's Design/Technology Class


I am excited for this year and will approach with grace and understanding. In Design and Tech we will learn the design process while using it in different apllications and technologies. These courses develop strong digital learners and citizens who are technology savvy.  I am excited for this 2021-2022 school year and we will embrace the challenges that come!

Mr. Volk's Design & Tech Study Student Study Sessions are on 
Wednesdays form 8:15 until 8:45 or by appointment.

Our class will use the Schoology learning system for all assignments and classwork.

How to log into Schoology.

1. Log into Schoology  (for information of how to log into Schoology- watch the short video's below.

English Version

Spanish version

2. Select the correct Tech Ed(Cyber secrets and coding) course and enter the course.
3. You will begin your daily warm-up (pear deck or typing) while waiting for class to begin for the day. During this time Mr. Volk will be taking attendance and touching base for the day.
4. We will then have some direct instruction throungh Google Meets. We will go over objectives and a short mini lesson for the day.
5. There will be individual and class work time. 
6. We will regoup as a whole class the last 5 minutes of class for closure.

All daily assignments are due by 4:30 of the that day. 

Mr. Volk is available for help on the following platforms: 

  • Schoology 

  • Google Chat

  • Email

  • Google Meet / Zoom (by appointment!)