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Mr. Lockwood's Design/Technology Class

Mr. Lockwood Tech Ed & Design

Class Motto: BE A GOOD PERSON           Class Quote: “Success to me is being a good person, treating people well.” 


Class starts Thursday (8/27)!! I can't wait to get started and "meet" you all! Let's have a great class and a really fun year, homies!

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    What will Mr. Lockwood's Design & Tech class look like??
    1. You will log into Schoology and find Tech Ed & Design under My Courses.

    2. Once you enter the Tech Ed & Design course you will join the Zoom session for the day. 

    3. Once you are in the Zoom session, turn on your camera, mute your speaker, and begin your typing practice as a warm-up (

    4. When Mr. Lockwood is done taking attendance, we will begin our lesson for the day.

    What are the lessons going to look like??

    You will be actively involved in a slides presentation on the topic being covered that day within NearPod/PearDeck. You will be answering questions, taking polls, taking quizzes, doing fun brain breaks all within the interactive slides. At the end of each presenation, you will be asked to complete some sort of assignment. You will have the rest of the class time to complete the assignment and ask questions when needed. At the end of class we will have a wrap-up and exit ticket.

    Mr. Lockwood is available for help on the following platforms: 

    Schoology, Zoom, Google Chat, Email

    Work for class will be assigned daily in Schoology.  

    All daily assignments/assessments are due by the end of the class. Projects will be handled differently, however, you will not have any homework unless you have missing work.

    Welcome To Tech Ed & Design Presentation!

    Coming soon!

    Helpful Resources & Tips: