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Mrs. Schauppner's Class


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6th Grade

7th Grade


Our textbook this year will be Big Ideas – Modeling in Real Life. Here is a link to the student text book if you would like:

We will have physical text books available during class time. If you prefer to have a physical copy of the text book at home, you may check one out at any time to keep at home for reference.

In class, we will use the Journals to practice our lessons. (titled “Record and Practice Journal”).

Homework and Practice:

Homework is an important extension to the daily work we complete in class. Typically, it will not take them more than 30 minutes to complete the work.

Students be assigned daily homework that will typically be online through Big Ideas, or another resource. They will be expected to show their work by hand in their notebooks and bring them to school each day for credit. Answers will be input into the website.

Any homework or practice work assigned will be due the following Friday. If they have an excused absence, then the school makeup policy will be applied. If they have an unexcused absence, they will not be able to turn in their work late.

We will continue to use Schoology this year for organization throughout the school. Students can go to Schoology at any time to find out what assignments are due, as well as class resources, notes, etc.


Assessments will be graded per IB grading criteria. Rubrics will be provided at the beginning of each unit. If you would like further information on Century’s policies on grading, you may go to the following link

If you need anything at all, please feel free to reach out any time at

Office Hours:

Tuesday - 8:30-9:00am (By appointment)