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7th Grade - Colorado

Lockwood Classwork/ Homework

Date & Time: 
Monday, August 23, 2021 (All day) to Friday, August 27, 2021 (All day)

Welcome to the first full week of your 7th grade year! 


  • New Seats- Teambuilder
  • Classroom Tour
  • Classroom Expectations Review and Contract
  • Homework:
    • Parent Signature Slip DUE WEDNESDAY 8/25
    • Fundraiser :)


  • Setup Science Spirals
  • Class Policy KAHOOT
  • My 20 Questions of Science
  • Learning Objective: I can wonder, inquire, and formulate questions about the world around me.
  • Homework:
    • Fundraiser :)
    • Parent Signature Slip DUE TOMORROW


  • Core Policies- Parent Signature Slip DUE
  • 4 Themes of Science Notes- Label Questions
  • Learning Objective: I can identify the scientific theme of a research or inquiry question. 
  • Homework: Fundraiser :)


  • Finish 4 Themes of Science Notes- Label Questions
  • LifeSaver Introductory Lab Assessment
  • Learning Objective: When given an inquiry question, I can design and complete a detailed experiment that collects reliable data to either support or not support my hypothesis.
  • Homework: Fundraiser :)


  • Grade Week 1  Learning Objectives/Warm-Ups
  • Review IB- MYP Learner Profiles
  • Continue LifeSaver Introductory Lab Assessment
  • Learning Objective: I can accurately interpret data and describe results using scientific reasoning.  
  • Homework: Fundraiser :)