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Mr. Bo's Class

Date & Time: 
Monday, September 13, 2021 (All day) to Wednesday, September 15, 2021 (All day)

Monday, September 13th

  1. Get your chrome and log in. 
  2. Enter the Objectives for todays calander. 
  3. Stop and tilt your screens down
  1. Latitude and Longitude
  • Latitude - Review the 3 maps 
  • Longitude- Map Practice, Coordinates Game

Tuesday, September 14th

  1. Get your chrome and log in. 
  2. Change the calander to go thruogh Wednesday, Sept. 15th
  3. Play the Coordinates Game.
  4. Absolute Location Practice assignment. Use the Large Map with you shoulder partner to find the locations. Type them onto the assignment page.

Wensday, September 15th

  1. Get your chrome and log in. 
  2. Play the Coordinates Game. I will let you know when to stop.
  3. Finish the Absolute Location Practice  Assignment
  4. Absolute and Relative Location Assignment. Handout