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Honors Unit 1 • Probability and Stat

Unit Overview:

In this unit students study the concept of probbility and statistics to determine the likelihood of an event including compound events.  They will extend their understanding using statistics to compare, order and make sense of complex data sets and patterns.

Essential Questions:

  • How might the sample for a survey affect the results of the survey?
  • How do you distinguish between random and bias samples?
  • Why is it important to consider all of the possible outcomes of an event?
  • Is it possible to predict the future? How?
  • What are situations in which probability cannot be used?
  • In an experiment, how can you determine the number of possible results?
  • How can you describe the likelihood of an event?
  • How are relative frequencies related to probabilities?
  • What is the difference between dependent and independent events?
  • How can you compare data sets that represent two populations?

Key Vocabulary:

Experiment, outcomes, event, favorable outcomes, probability, relative frequency, experimental probability, theoretical probability, sample space, fundamental counting principle, compound event, independent events, dependent events, simulation, population, sample, unbiased sample, biased sample


  • Retakes must be completed within ten days of scores poste in IC and are available to students who scored a three or less. Within the time frame, students must complete a retake packet and then schedule a study session with Ms. Swain. Prior to retaking the assessment, students should set aside time at home to study.
  • Retake opportunities are available by appointment and students are responsible for making an appointment with Ms. Swain.