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Makerspace club

Welcome to Century's 3D Makers Club!    We will begin our 2021-2022 club on Thursday September 13th.   

When: Mondays, 4:15-5:15

Where: G100  (Online Zoom Link given to members for online time)

SCHOOLOGY CODE:  email me using your school email account

Who: all Century students that are interested, any grade level (and if we have parents interested in volunteering and joining in the me! We are always on the look out for all kinds of expertise and help in our space during the school day or club)

Questions:  Contact Mrs. Greenberg at 720-972-3275  or email at

  We have diverse projects, craft projects, paper projects, building projects.....and any other student suggested and approved ideas.   

We always are looking for new participants!  All are welcome!   Those who join will be given the schedule of projects (in Schoology) we are doing, so you can pick and choose which ones you want to check out.  

Below I will put video clips, template links, and other tech resources as we use them throughout the year.   So if you miss a meeting, you may be able to check it out on your own.  

Club updates, activities, etc...

September 13th - intro to club  and DIY candle lanterns

September 20th - Unicorn horn throw tube (using tickets)

September 27th - open make time