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Math 7 Ch 1 • Adding and Subtracting

Unit Overview:

In this unit students study the concept of absolute value in terms of symbols and representations on a number line.   Students then extend their understanding of addition and subtraction of rational numbers (i.e. positive and negative numbers, fractions, and decimals). Throughout the unit students are expected to apply integer operations in real-world contexts.

Essential Questions:

  • How do operations with integers compare to and contrast with operations with whole numbers?
  • How can adding and subtracting with negative integers be modeled visually?

Key Vocabulary:

Absolute Value,  Additive Inverse, Additive Inverse Property, Integers, Rational Number


  • Retakes must be completed within ten days of scores poste in IC and are available to students who scored a three or less. Within the time frame, students must complete a retake packet and then schedule a study session with Ms. Swain. Prior to retaking the assessment, students should set aside time at home to study.
  • Retake opportunities are available by appointment and students are responsible for making an appointment with Ms. Swain.