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Math Links

Math Links

KARATE MATH    (video clip about what it is all about)    Great place to access computers and internet!

 Math in the Movies  - clips gallery of various scenes in movies

  Heard of Netflix?   Try MathFlix  for more video clips about your FAVORITE math topic!

Create a Graph

Curious and Useful Math

Math Machine (games)

Math Cross Puzzles


So it's time to visit the are some links to see how Math is connected to Zoo life!   Philadelphia Zoo Math Clip   Parking at the Zoo Game -   Mystery at the Peculiar Zoo -
Prodigy  Mr Nussbaum's Math Games BIG IDEAS Curriculum    
 KHAN (login to google docs first!, then sync)   Hooda Math Tutorials    MAPS MATH PRACTICE SITE:

(this is the site where you can find what to practice based upon your RIT score and topic based on your MAPS test results)

 LEARNZILLION Lure of the Labyrinth      
 XPMath site  (huge compilation of math game sites by topic)     BASIC SKILLS multiplayer arena - compete against others and increase your speed and ability!    
 HippoCampus - a site that is a lot like KHAN academy and provides free video lessons on many topics  Mathatube - a "youtube" venue for math video lessons posted by other educators and students  Step by Step Hints for some homework problems....THERE IS A MATH FAIRY!!!! go here:  hotmath