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Colo"Radical" Weekly Reflection 9/7

Colorado Student's Weekly Reflections

Colorado Core is committed to excellence in academics and some days we have friends and teachers that help us to understand a tough concept or help to keep us on track.  Students reflect on this topic once a week and share their responses.  

I want to thank... (student responses):

1. "Mr. Sack, thank you for having us read cause it's fun."

2. "Mrs. Wallace for helping me with the mapping of early civilizations."

3. "Mrs. Wallace for making me smile." 

4. "Thank you Emily H. for working well with me in language arts."

5. "Ms. Swain, thanks for helping me with integers."

6. "Izzy, for helping me with drama class!"

7. "Thanks Maggie for helping me with my map journal."

8. "Mrs. Lockwood for helping me with a problem." 

My Favorite Academic Part of the Week (student responses):  

1.  "getting to work in different groups"

2.  "band and math class"

3.  "looking at the fossils in science class, it was really cool"

4.  "playing glof"

My Goal for Next Week (student responses):

1.  "is to be faster when doing my work"

2. "to work harder and succeed"

3. "to listen to the teacher more"

4. "to be the best person I can be and help my peers"