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Tech Guides / Shortcuts

 All work is shared through google docs and  gmail. Your Century universal log in and  password work in this program.  Your teacher  will respond to all work posted through this tool.**  Google docs allows you  to link any picture, video, article that you find  by highlighting a word on your document and  clicking on the link tool.  You now control what  you want people to think and see when they  read your work.

Google Cheat Sheets By Kasey Bell

Google Drive Cheat Sheet                                                      p. 4-6

Google Docs Cheat Sheet                                                             p. 7-10

Google Forms Cheat Sheet                                                          p. 11-14

Google Slides Cheat Sheet                                                          p. 15-18

Google Sheets Cheat Sheet                                                        p. 19-22

Google Drawings Cheat Sheet                                                   p. 23-26

Google Drive for iOS Cheat Sheet                                              p. 27-29

Google Chrome Cheat Sheet                                                     p. 30-32

Google Classroom Student Guide by Kasey Bell

Google Classroom Thinklink Guide

Getting started with Prezi

PowToon Quickstart Guide ( Tutorial videos)

PowToon Cheat Sheet

QR code generator

glogster_cheat_sheet (make posters and you can add music) lets students create interactive media presentations. This tools is perfect for connecting with real world audiences and showcasing student work.

Vocaroo (Vocaroo is another web based tool that allows users to easily make audio recordings and share them with others. Vocaroo does not even require a sign-up and to start recording your audio, just head over to Vocaroo main page, click on record and there you go. Audio recording made by Vocaroo can be downloaded or shared using an embed code.) it will grade your paper and show you  your mistakes; set it for 9th grade to get a score.

WeVideo Cheat Sheet ( WeVideo makes video editing easy for everyone and accessible from anywhere.)

DocHub (Securely edit, fax and sign PDF and Word documents for free. Fill forms. Merge documents and reorder pages. Create templates. Go to Chrome Store and add to your chrome apps)

EazyBib refernce sheet

GeoGuessr (Embark on a journey that takes you all over the world. From the most desolate roads in Australia to the busy, bustling streets of New York City.)

Stock Market Experience 

Incognito Mode (Incognito mode is a way to privately browse the web. You are not automatically logged into any applications, and none of your browsing history is stored.)

Storyboard That  Cheat Sheet (Students can create storyboards and graphic organizers on the web

Storyboard That Video

Thinglink (With this app teachers and students can layer information on top of any image that they like – making interactive images.  They might find a primary source document and add questions for students to answer, or ask students to snap a picture of a text and add text, video, and links to bring a sentence to life. SEE GOOGLE CLASSROOM THINKLINK GUIDE ABOVE)

Timeline JS ( Timeline Maker)

Timeglider ( Timeline Maker)

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