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Field Trips

Below are our yearly field trips for each grade level. We'd love for your to volunteer for as many as you can!

6th grade

  • Urban Day
  • Nature Day
  • Denver Museum of Nature and Science
  • Dinosaur Ridge
  • Urban vs. Rural Day: Extreme Core Only

    • Timing: Spring, Usually April 

        Urban -V- Rural Compare/Contrast Two Vastly Different Environments.

        Time Required - 6 hours, 830 am to 200 pm

        Volunteers needed between 12-16

        What to expect: Supervise a small group of students  (4-7) as we hike Settler's Park in Boulder, CO, pick a spot enjoy a sack lunch, then walk to and down Pearl Street Mall. Students will have an assessment comparing/contrasting urban and rural environments.

    7th Grade

    • Denver Art Museum
    • Botanical Gardens
    • Eldorado Canyon State Park Science Field Trip

      • Rocky Mountain Core and Apollo Core    While we are both headed to the same location, each core will run their own trip.   Time and Requirements:  This trip is approximately 6 hours. Please check-in with the office promptly at 8:00 am. Due to limited parking at the state park, parents and guardians must ride the bus with us. We will be back to CMS by 2:00. Due to the aerobic nature of this field trip, we ask that parents and guardians be in shape. We will be hiking for approximately 4 hours, with a noticeable elevation gain. Small children are highly encouraged not to attend. Number of Volunteers needed: 10- 15.   Background: Eldorado Canyon State Park is an epically beautiful place where Century students have gone to hike, enjoy our state, and be 7th grade scientists out in nature for the past 12 years. We hike approximately 2.5 miles on state park trails, which is located south of Boulder. The students make observations at each stop and then apply those observations back to what we have learned in science this past year.    Looking ahead to the upcoming school years, the major science content on the field trip will be focused on the flow of energy in living things, recognizing the Characteristics of    Life, applying the biotic and abiotic factors present in each of the Ecosystems we visit. Throughout the trip, the students will complete a field guide for an assessment grade.     What we need from our Volunteers: We hike in one big group, with 2 core teachers at the front and back of our very large (140) hiking party. Other teachers, including the other core and core plus teachers will also be in attendance. We need the parents/ guardians to evenly distribute themselves within our big hiking line. Every once and awhile, we will call for a “parental unit” to help with a particular part of the trail, reminding the students of general trail safety or to "watch their step" at a certain place.     The students are only in attendance for this trip, if trust and a respect for safety has been shown in science class, therefore, this field trip is considered a privilege not a right.  Our students realize the responsibility of safety that must be undertaken, not only for themselves but a "looking out" for each other as well.  We are pleased to announce that approximately 1,700 kids and adults have attended this trip in the past, all without incident and injury.     This is a chance for our 7th graders to be cool Colorado kids, enjoying and appreciating all that our beautiful state has to offer!   Overall, this Eldorado Canyon Field Trip continues to be one of the most memorable experiences of 7th grade science.

    8th Grade

    • Junior Achievement Trip at American Furniture Warehouse

      • Time needed:  Approximately 6 hours. Usually completed by 1:30PM and must be able to attend the whole session.  Number of Parent Volunteers needed: 10 per core   Finance Park is an amazing opportunity for students to get a hands on approach to dealing with personal finances.  Each student has an individual real life scenario that varies from student to student. Students then calculate their net monthly income would be and responsible for purchasing a car, home, groceries, pay the bills, save and invest and balance their account so that they have some money left over at the end of each month.  This is a great real life simulation of dealing with money in the real world.   Parent volunteers attend a quick 1 hour training at AFW in order to learn the logistics of the program and to become familiar with the iPad program app used by Junior Achievement. Once students arrive, parent volunteers share information on their assigned area and assist students with input onto their iPads which is pre-loaded with their life simulation.   
    • Civil War Reenactment

      • There are several opportunities to volunteer for the Civil War Reenactment which takes place at Lake Village Park on 128th and Columbine Ct.   1.  Help with uniform distribution the Tuesday before the reenactment.  To help with this, one would either help with the actual distribution of uniforms or help with crowd control as students practice drills.   2. Set up at the park takes place at approximately 7:30 and people will be there to empty props from trucks.  We also have a few large canopy tents that need a few people to set them up.     3. Many parents have taken it upon themselves to bring a case of water to the park and drop it off. Although we have the kids bring water and have coolers with refills available, this has been very appreciated by the students, teachers and other participants/volunteers.   4. We need a few volunteers to help distribute Subway Sandwiches to people who have ordered them.  We ask that volunteers walk around during lunch and remind students to pick up their trash. If you notice a trash can full, there should be extra bags on the trash cans so you can tie up a bag of trash and replace it with a fresh bag.    5. Film crew volunteers will be used throughout the day between approximately 9:30-2:45.  Please wear a blue denim shirt and jeans so you blend in with the students.  There are usually several volunteers for this which gives people breaks. You are often bent over or crouching to film, so taking lots of turns really help our volunteers.  If you are volunteering for this, please don’t be shy, and offer to a camera person to take over for a while, don’t wait for someone to give it up because they often get caught up in their work and forget to take breaks.   6. Carrying smoke cans around during filming.  This is another job in which volunteers need frequent breaks because they are bending over and crouching behind trees.  This too would require a denim shirt and jeans.    7. Clean-up.  Filming usually doesn't end until 2:30-3:00.  Students are supposed to clean trash from the park, but if you are able to stay and help pack the trucks that would be very appreciated by the crew and the teachers.
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