CMAS Testing is soon!

Testing dates: (please see attached letter for more details on which test and times)

On all testing days, the students MUST put their cell phones and other electronics in their lockers turned off for the entire day.

3/20: 8th grade

3/22: 7th grade

3/23: 6th grade

4/5: 6th grade

4/6: 7th grade

4/10: 8th grade

4/12: 6th grade

4/13: 8th grade

4/17: 7th grade

4/18: 8th grade

4/19: 8th grade

In order to help your student do his/her very best on this year’s PARCC/CMAS, we would like to offer the following tips:
·   Attendance on test days needs to be the highest priority.  Please do everything possible not to schedule doctor/dentist or any other appointments on these days that will take your student out of school.
·   Please make every effort to have your student be on time to school during the testing window.  We operate under a tight schedule and start testing moments after the school day starts!
·   Students perform better when taking tests with their own group/class rather than at a make-up session with an unfamiliar teacher.  Students having to attend make-up sessions will also miss valuable instructional time and have make-up work to complete at home from the classes missed.
·       Students need to get plenty of rest on the nights before the tests.  Going to bed at a reasonable time, or even a bit earlier than normal is advised.  Make sure your student has plenty of time to get ready in the morning and isn’t rushed or stressed about getting to school on time.
·       Breakfast!  Have your student eat a healthy breakfast that includes protein.  Testing is rigorous.  Eating a good breakfast gives the brain the energy it needs.  Heavy foods and sugary foods tend to make students sleepy and are not the best choices.
·       Make sure that students bring and wear their eyeglasses/contacts if they need them.  The PARCC/CMAS requires a lot of reading.  Also make sure that your student takes his/her regular medications.
·       Provide your student with lots of encouragement and help us reinforce that this test is important! The test is a snapshot of how the student is doing on that particular day; so starting it out with a positive attitude will set the tone for the entire day.
·       Try to avoid adding too much pressure, but do encourage your student to do his/her very best on the test and to answer each and every question – even if he or she has to guess since there is not a penalty for wrong answers.  Any additional testing time should be used to recheck answers.  Talk to your student each day about how the test went.

Thank you for your support in making this a successful year.

All testing will be done in Core Classes. 

Please read the attached letter for the CMAS Schedule and Opt-out information.

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Testing 2018 Letter.pdf132.11 KB