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Dare to Be Fit! April Challenge!

The April Wellness Challenge for the students and staff of Century Middle School is to complete a mini-triathlon. Our triathlon will include 60 miles on a bike, 25 miles of walking or jogging (phone will log this), and an additional 6 hours or activity (could be swimming, football, basketball, soccer, etc.) Activity must be tracked.  You can use some kind of fitness tracker (fitbit, jawbone, polar etc., phone apps like runkeeper, map my run, runtastic, etc.), though the district does not require/support any of the apps.
Upon completion of an activity, complete the form above including your parent/guardian signature and provide evidence of your completion of the challenge (screen shot of workout etc.) to the email (one email per participant).  The challenge will run through Monday, April 30th. There will be a prize drawing at the beginning of May for those who completed the Mini-Triathlon and turned in their activity log.
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