Dare to Be Fit! February Challenge!

The February Dare to Be Fit Challenge for the students and staff of Century Middle School is to monitor your diet. The challenge is to try to eat 3-5 servings of fruit and/or vegetables per day. You should include a wide variety of different fruits and vegetables of different colors in your diet. On the sheet above you will need to track which fruits and vegetables you are eating on a daily basis, and to try over the course of the month of February to eat as many different colors as possible in your diet. There is a list of fruits and vegetables and what a serving would be on the back of this sheet (a serving is usually about one cup). There will be a prize drawing for those who completed the “eat the rainbow” challenge and turned in their activity log. Log sheets are due on or before Thursday, March 1st.

**8th grade students, this is part of your Criterion B assessment for February.