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Dear Century MIddle School parents, guardians, and students,

Back-to-School Night

We are so excited to welcome you to our virtual back-to-school night for 2020. While this is not the back-to-school night we all envisioned, we think you will find it fun and informative. Our staff had a great time creating their bitmojis and inviting you into their classrooms and various learning spaces around the school. This information will also be linked on the Century Middle School website for the foreseeable future because it contains lots of important information that you might want to access again at a later time.

To begin, please access a welcome video from the Century Administration team.  Here is the link to our video

Then, grab your schedule and please join in our back-to-school night.  Here is the link to our Google Bitmoji Slideshow


If you have previously requested a Chrome for your student to be using during remote learning, it is available at school. Please stop by during school hours. Ring the doorbell, and let us know your student’s name and grade. If you had previously requested a device and no longer need it, can you please call the main office at 720-972-5240.

If you have not yet requested a Chrome and need one, please complete this form. Someone from Century will be in touch with you as soon as a device is ready for you to pick up.

Checked out a Chrome last spring from any school…

If you checked out a chromebook from any school in the district last Spring, we need you to complete this form for accounting purposes.  If you do not fill out this form your device will be shut off prior to 10/1.  We need to have this completed to continue your device check out.

Trouble Logging On? 

All Century student passwords must be reset for the new school year, but don’t worry, it only takes a few easy steps!

  1. Students need to go to, enter their username (their student ID number) and their temporary password format: Ad12MMDDYY

    1. MM = 2 digit Month of Birth

    2. DD = 2 digit Date of Birth

    3. YY - last 2 digits of the Year of Birth

    4. Leading zeroes must be included. For instance, the password for a student born on January 4, 2008 would be Ad12010408. 

  2. If successful, students will then be prompted to change their password. The password must fit these requirements. 

    1. Cannot be one of the last 7 passwords used at school

    2. Must be between 8 and 25 characters

    3. Must contain 3 out of 4 of the following

      1. Uppercase letter

      2. Lowercase letter

      3. Number

      4. Symbol

    4. It cannot contain a student’s name or Student ID #

Books & Technology

Starting on Tuesday, August 25th there will be a book cart available in the foyer to drop off checked out items. These can be from any school, and could include iPads, Chromebooks, playaways, library books and textbooks. Please allow for a quarantine period before checking to see if they are off your account. Thank you!

Additional Parent Resources


We look forward to a fantastic school year. 

Your Century Middle School Administrative Team