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Include YOUR traditions in this year's yearbook!

Yearbook Request for Family Traditions

“Making Potica With Gramama”

A family tradition of making the Slovenian sweet bread known as Potica. This tradition goes back centuries and occurs around most holidays the Volk household.

The 7th and 8th grade yearbook classes would like to invite families to share an experience that may be added to this year’s yearbook regarding traditions. We are asking families to submit photos and or stories of traditions that you have or will celebrate. These traditions can be from any experience over the last year. Examples may include baking experiences, game nights, shopping experiences, holidays, family gatherings, outdoor adventures, etc…) Please use the google form below to submit.  Please have all submissions completed by Wednesday January  26th. For more information please contact Mr. Volk at Thanks again for submitting your traditions, family and Century students traditions.

Century Traditions Submission